Why is Thai Comedy So Good?

Thai comedy movies are known to blend humor with violence. There is a reason for its popularity. Thai comedy movies have evolved their own unique brand of spoofing methods and antics that mesh well with their preferred plots. All too often, horror movies have been deemed trashy and the target audience for this genre has always been the young and adult viewers.

But Thai comedy is different. It mixes comedy with its most popular genre, martial arts. The mix is seamless and viewers never get the feeling that the movie is trying to appeal to the adults with its violence. Instead, Thai comedy movies have managed to be wildly successful in tapping into the universal human desire to laugh at the ugliest and most ridiculous things. Most Thai comedy movies combine elements of action, comedy, and martial arts into one seamless movie that leaves the audience spellbound.

The first thing that makes Thai comedy so funny is that it happens to be true. It’s just that most people in Thailand would rather keep it light and airy and forget about some of the more disturbing moments. This is because Thai comedy is made to be as ridiculous and outrageous as possible and Thai people have come to love the outlandishness of it all. And if there is any kind of social taboo involved, it’s dealt with head on, usually by using a Thai wife or girl to hide behind her husband’s back.

The second reason why Thai comedy works so well is that it is a sign of a healthy respect for others. Most countries have a certain insensitivity towards others that can be shown through their social media use, online and offline. Especially in Thailand, where family values reign supreme, the use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has created an environment where people are willing to be humorous and respectful of others. In fact, many Thai comedians pride themselves on using the internet to lampoon their own government and other societal figures.

The third reason why Thai comedy is so good is that most of it takes place in the open air. That’s right, the real world isn’t as far away as some may think. The streets of Bangkok are teeming with stand up comics, brawlers, and movie stars who seem to pop up at the most random times and in the most unlikely places. If you were sitting in a temple in Bangkok watching the news, you’d be hard pressed to miss one of the latest occurrences. And since Bangkok is the capital of the country, there is little excuse to be anywhere but. This allows the comedian to take full advantage of the plethora of opportunity to make controversial statements, show his or her disgust for the Thai government, or show that even though he or she isn’t Thai, he or she still makes funny ones.

If you are interested in seeing some of the best Thai comedy films, head over to the local video store or your local theater. Most cities have several video stores, which means if you live in Bangkok, you won’t have a problem finding a movie. Just remember to bring a blank digital disc whenever you go into the video store, or else someone will come up with all sorts of funny Thai movies on the fly. Be sure to grab one when you get there! Click here for more details about หนังตลกไทย

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