New Job In The Government – Precision Cast Particle Technology

Recently, a group of shareholders from a San Francisco County based credit union requested that the ISO (National Institute for Standards and Technology) inspect Precision Cast Particle Size (CPS) manufacturing in the United States. I was asked to join this group and write a Position Paper on Casting Particles for this meeting. I have since written that paper and it are available on the website.

The main thrust of the group was to investigate Precision Cast Particle Size by requesting an investigation of the companies that produce precision castpartwrinkles for CNC machinery such as routers, CNC lathes, milling machines, drill presses, and so on. They claimed that companies such as Precision Cast Particle Size Inc., Precision Cast Particle Corporation, and Verona Instruments Ltd. which are all based in San Francisco, California, were cheating the US industry by using non-standard sizes of CNC machinery to increase profits. This would constitute, they said, as cheating of the financial markets by the international banking institutions and of the US by our domestic consumers. The credit union added that their members had suffered monetary losses and would be forced out of business if these companies were allowed to continue.

I asked them, if this were true, why wouldn’t the government do the same thing? Wouldn’t that make sense as well? That is precisely what we are doing today with food additives, preservatives, and other synthetic additives that are additives at all. Why do we have to regulate these things? It is really quite simple. In my opinion, if the government wanted to regulate additives it could and would.

If you watch TV you will see all the infomercials for additives being used by every company imaginable. And the reason they are there is because they work, or at least they did work prior to the FDA banning them. So the big food companies had to find somewhere else to put them, which led to the current state we find ourselves in. If only we would listen to these folks, instead of blindly following the unwashed ramblings of some self-confessed con artist, perhaps all would be well again.

Some say that precision cast projects will not fly because it is not feasible to build a working cast vehicle in the present day. This is simply not true, as technology progresses, the tools for this type of work have become smaller and more affordable. Furthermore, the precision cast projects that do fly will be much cheaper than the company’s current efforts. What are you going to do, throw out your five-year old piece of machinery? Well, you certainly shouldn’t, and neither should you.

The cast part company from the Credit Union is doing a lot of very good work, and they have the financial wherewithal to continue their work. But, remember, anything in life is possible, and so is a new job in the credit union or the government, if that individual is willing to take that leap. Do your homework and study that union, find out what their track record has been, and then go forth and apply for an internship. Don’t wait for an opening to come up. If you do, you’ll miss out on the best chance to make your own mark on history. Click here for more details about 8552457098

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