Best Restaurant in Karachi – Best Food Restaurant Reviews

When it comes to enjoying the life’s special moments, nothing beats a good night out at the best food restaurant in Karachi. Situated in the Banbar Road area, close to Fergusson College campus and next to a plethora of hotels and restaurants, it is one of the most happening places in the city. You can easily find it on the internet if you are not too sure about the best places to visit. If you are going to come here for the first time, then the best way to begin your search is to make a list of the places you would want to visit before coming to Karachi. To get a better idea about the places, here are some of the must-visit spots in Karachi:

Anushka Restaurant and Cafe: If we were to name a restaurant in Pakistan that serves the best cuisine, then Anushka would definitely be on top of the list. The restaurant has an authentic Indian ambiance along with international dishes like Burmite, Halwa and Chapatis. You can order anything from starters, main course and even dessert. The cafe offers delicious burgers and other delicious delectable food items. You can get an opportunity to taste the famous Makhani while enjoying your meals. The Anushka’s open all night and serve you great food.

The Indian Bistro: If you want to experience the taste of the Indian cuisine, then the Indian bistro would be perfect for you. It offers Indian food street restaurants inside its walls. Although the Indian restaurants in the market may appear similar to other restaurants, but you will surely love their warm hospitality and quality of food.

Cloud 9 Khayaban-e-Shahbaz: If we were to introduce you with five restaurants in one line, then you might just think that we have misspelled a few restaurants. This is because the name Cloud 9 Khayaban-e-Shahbaz means the deluxe dining restaurants of Shahbaz. These restaurants are famous for serving you delicious traditional food that is prepared by the skilled chefs. In fact, many of the guest at the restaurants will find it difficult to refuse the food.

Another thing which is the best food restaurant in Karachi is called as the cloud nine khayaban-e-shahbaz Karachi. It has been serving mouth-watering food ever since we first came to the city. You can order any type of food from the appetizers to the main course. If you are hungry then order now and just eat the burger you will surely be happy and will say oh thanks cloud nine.

The other restaurant in Karachi, which is considered as the best food restaurant is called as restaurant No Way Back. It is located in the International Market area and it offers you delicious food. You can order some of your favorite type of chicken or beef or anything else. You can also try their desserts like banana split and ice cream. They also serve you with some juices and they are known for their desserts.

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