A Review of the Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a mid-sized car that’s perfect for those looking for a dependable family car. Ford has kept the overall design consistent, however the real character of this car is found in its interior. The Escape comes with leather trim, which works extremely well to give the overall impression of class and luxury. This leather is available in six different colours, including blue and gunmetal. In addition to this, the interior has high-end electronic features and navigation equipment.

The Ford Escape is built on a rear-drive, all-wheel drive platform that is unidirectional. This is great for city driving, where there are many blind spots. However, for off road driving, it can be a problem. Despite this, the Ford Escape has a powerful motor, especially when it is running off a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The Escape comes standard with a six-character warranty and comes standard with airbags, a roll bar, a dual-zone climate control, a dual-zone audio system with xD dual zone controls and front side airbags. These items are standard on every model.

Despite this power and reliability, there are other advantages of the Ford Escape, which makes it a top choice for families. The Ford Escape comes standard with a 1.6L hydrogen fuel cell, which is a more advanced alternative to the typical fuel-cell. With the hydrogen fuel cell, Ford claims a savings of up to forty percent of fuel compared to a regular gasoline-powered vehicle. This is enough to make the Ford Escape a great family car, but one that is a little bit heavier than you would like for family usage. The plug-in hybrid also comes standard on the Escape, offering a twenty-eight mile per gallon EPA-rated fuel rating.

One of the advantages of the plug-in hybrid is that you can take advantage of both sources of power while still using very little of both. In other words, this type of vehicle is like a hybrid car, but it has all the advantages of a traditional gasoline powered car. It also offers a very quiet ride, thanks in part to its small motor, and a spacious cargo area because of its electric drive system. Ford claims that the plug-in hybrid also offers the best handling of any vehicle currently on the market.

Ford has also designed the Escape with a wide variety of options available for those who want to customize it. The most popular option is a hardtop. If money is not an issue, a hardtop will increase the value of your Escape and also provide protection from the weather. Other custom options include custom colors and trim choices, mirrors with moon reflectors, fog lights, and much more.

The plug-in hybrid is a relatively inexpensive vehicle to drive. It is well built and handles fairly well on all types of roads. Driving it helps to lower your overall fuel consumption, which means that you will be able to save money on gas at the pump. Also, it is more environmentally friendly than many alternatives on the market today. It is well worth considering if you are trying to find a vehicle that is fun, fuel efficient, and comfortable as well.

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